Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No rights or wrongs...

At least that's my school of thought on scrapbooking. If it feels good, then just go with it, after all it's YOUR work. To ink or not to ink, tear or cut, textured cardstock or plain, you decide. One of the most important things we should remember is to enjoy what we're creating!

I've been memory keeping since my early teens, and now I'm shoulder deep in patterned paper and clear stamps (which sadly have gone unused for longer than they'd care!). First creating for a personal creative outlet, and more now , selling on-line. I'll admit I was reluctant to take on a new craft hobby, now there are over 22,000 sheets of paper in my all too small work area (yes, we HAD a dining room when we moved in).

My goal is 20 layouts a week and soon a complete album a week as well. Lately I've gone well over that number of 20, but I'm still working on the album part. I have some to share with you here. This is back to the no right or wrong, and these are the ones I've created for sale, my personal tastes differ, sometimes tremendously, but I still churn out a few of those as well.

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